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Leaked Plans

September 10, 2009

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag a little bit here. Mostly because I’m so excited to finally be working on the front end of the new web site. (Up to now, all our work has been on the back end just getting the server configured and all the necessary software installed. Now we’re building out the new user interface and developing some of the early content for the site.)

The new site is going to be about much more than just a place to learn photography. Our goal is to eventually create a whole online university of sorts for recreational pursuits of all types. The first “wing” of this new university will be the one which teaches photography. That will be followed up by other interests, already in development: music, sewing, stained glass making, woodworking and a host of others. It may take a long time for the site to be fully developed but the plans and the infrastructure are already there. Once we have it refined and unveiled, adding new topics will be as simple as posting new content.

Our goal will be to keep it fresh, always adding new content. We’ll be contracting experts in a number of different fields to help us develop that content.

The first things to be unveiled (once I’m completely satisfied with the user experience of the new site) will be our weekly newsletter and this blog. Both will be moved from their current locations and brought into the new interface. Stay tuned!

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