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Pushing through

August 28, 2009

I haven’t blogged much this week because I’ve been working on several other projects.

  • I taught three live photography workshops.
  • I wrote two photography tutorials which will be posted on another site but with links back to my site.
  • I’ve been working on the technical issues with getting the new web site up and running.
  • I’ve been developing new content for the new site so we have something to put on it when it is up.
  • Purchasing several more domain names for future expansion of our site. (We have BIG plans!)

All this on top of everything else that goes on each day.

One of the photography tutorials was a real pain. It was written for a site that had approached me about writing for them. I’ve written several pieces and so far they’ve all been well received. I was asked to write something that absolute beginners could use to become familiar with the fundamentals of photography.

This tutorial was going to be an anchor of sorts for the new site. Whenever users had very basic questions, they would be referred to my tutorial. I jumped at the chance. What great exposure for me!

Well, as it turned out, the tutorial I started writing wasn’t at all what the site’s managers had in mind. They wanted something even more basic than what I was writing. (And what I was writing was pretty basic.) They liked what I was doing enough to commission me to write TWO anchor articles rather than just one. (Bonus for me!)

So I stepped back from the article I’d already started and began working on the one they really wanted. They loved it, posted it almost immediately and it’s been very well recieved. Then it was time to jump back to part two of the series (the original tutorial I started working on first.)

The problem is, I simply couldn’t get my head back into it.

I love well known quotes, though I don’t always remember who said them. One that comes to mind goes something like “A professional is someone who delivers his best even when he doesn’t feel like it.” That has always kind of inspired me and it’s how I try to conduct myself all the time.

So I pushed through and I finished the tutorial today. I the end, I’m satisfied with the result. Now I just have to wait and see if they are.


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