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Gear Lust

August 14, 2009

I accidentally bought a new camera yesterday. I know what you’re thinking, how does one accidentally buy a new camera? Here’s the whole story. I’m not a “regular” on eBay but I do go on every once in a while and poke around to see if there’s anything interesting. Last week I found a camera body for sale. It’s one of the ones on my wish list and was going (at the time) for $0.06. That’s right, a nickel and a penny. There was still five and a half days of bidding left so I knew the price would go up but I also noticed there was no reserve. I knew what this camera was worth so I looked at my finances and entered a low-ball bid. It was an amount I was willing to pay but substantially less than what the camera was actually worth. Yesterday I got an email confirmation that I was the winning bidder. Not only that, but it went for even less than my maximum bid.

Now I just finished ranting about how much gear do you really need.  I suppose I should clarify that the camera I bought is even older than the one I’m currently using. It was a more advanced model for its time and in some ways is still considered more advanced but I did not go for the latest and greatest new thing. Once you are at the SLR level, it’s a better investment to get great lenses and cheap bodies. Once you get to that level, there really isn’t any such thing as a “bad” camera. Some may be better suited to certain things than others but really it’s the lenses that make all the difference. So I got myself a really “good” camera for dirt cheap. Now I just have to explain it to my wife.

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