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How much camera do you really need?

August 13, 2009

If it wasn’t something I’d already said multiple times before, even I might think I was just parroting someone else’s words. I just read this blog post from a colleague who I only know online. Without naming names (read his blog if you want the details — I highly recommend it anyway), this is a guy who sold off over $15,000 of high-end camera gear from a very popular and well-known brand and bought into what some would argue is an “inferior” and certainly less popular brand.

His argument (which I strongly second as being valid) is that, once you get beyond a certain point, all camera brands become more or less equal. Some may be better suited to certain types of subject matter or styles of shooting than others but, for most people, the differences aren’t noticeable. He uses the analogy of cars. Whether you buy a used $5,000 Hyundai or a brand new $40,000 Mercedes, you’re still going to travel the same 15 mph at rush hour as everyone else.

I secretly lust after new equipment the same as everyone else. The difference is, I don’t imagine that my current equipment is significantly holding me back from producing the results I want. That’s the point at which wants become needs.

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