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July 25, 2009

Don’t you love know-it-alls?

Wait. Scratch that. I just remembered that sarcasm doesn’t translate well online.

The Library of Congress (yes, the actual Library of Congress, founded by Thomas Jefferson and still run by the U.S. government) has its own Flickr stream. They scan and post historically significant photos that are in the public domain. I think it’s a beautiful thing and I’m a frequent visitor to their photo stream.

Yesterday the LOC posted a bunch of new photos from the 1890’s. On one such photo ( several people left comments. Two were meaningless “great shot” type of comments. I always ignore those. I could post a shot of a pile of dog crap in the grass at a park and someone would post a “great shot” comment on it. The third was a critique, offering advice on how the photo could be “improved”.

I not only had to laugh, I feel compelled to openly mock the poster of that comment.

Unsolicited critiques are rarely welcomed or appreciated. Critiques of a historically significant 120 year old photo are just absurd. The photographer not only may have been involved in inventing photography as we know it but he likely was already dead before this guy’s grandfather was born. Just who does he think is going to benefit from his helpful “advice”?

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