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More Processional Effects

July 22, 2009

I had long heard about processional effects. These are the random side benefits that come of simply doing something. Anything. In the last few months I’ve been approached by complete strangers with all sorts of opportunities from presenting custom workshops, to taking particular kinds of pictures that are often very difficult to get, to travel. Just yesterday I was presented with a new opportunity. I’m still evaluating it so I’m not yet prepared to discuss specifics about it openly but I really wanted to share this sense of amazement and awe that I feel whenever something like this happens.

More subtle, but every bit as satisfying, is realizing that I’m also out there creating processional effects for other people. An obvious example that happens pretty frequently is people who want to learn to take better photos. Simply by getting out there and doing it, then sharing their results, our paths have crossed. Another example is my business partner. He’d tried for years to build a web site like the one we’re currently working on. He had all the technical skills and marketing ability but his ability to create a steady stream of content was only modest. I have a steady stream of good content and some marketing ability but only modest technical skills. Our paths crossed in ways wholly unrelated to photography or the internet. Only through conversation and interaction did we realize that each was exactly what the other needed. It was an unexpected side benefit.

All of this is very deep and not entirely related to photography but trust me, I’ll get it back on track with upcoming posts.

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