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Amateur vs Professional part II

July 3, 2009

Continuing yesterday’s line of thought about the differences between amateur snapshots and more professional photographs, I have more thoughts regarding the path of least effort.

Looking only at the extremes (most people fall somewhere in the middle), it is common to see people whip out their camera and snap the scene that is laid out before them. Literally. I’ve seen and even pointed out to people how their whole composition could be improved by simply taking two steps to their left. Once I’ve pointed it out, they frequently will do it.

Someone who regularly takes more satisfying photos doesn’t need for something like that to be pointed out. They have trained themselves to analyze a scene; to consider it from other angles. It is something you can do mentally. Would little Johnny on his bike look better from the front or from the side? Do I want that tree in the background or the wall?

Train yourself to start thinking this way and you’ll find that your pictures start to come out better. Without changing what kind of equipment you are using.

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