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Showing your subjects at their best

June 29, 2009

I was recently praised by a bunch of people at a private event I photographed. Most of the praise centered mainly around the fact that so many of the photos I took of people were flattering. I suppose it’s the goal of every person behind a camera to always show their subject at its best. Whether that subject be a person, an animal, a slice of cherry pie or a historic landmark.

Therein lies the trick. While equipment may play a role, it is technical skill and creative vision that primarily drive the quality of the end result. I think the hurdle most people must get over is one of knowledge; how to present a subject in a visually pleasing way. Especially if the subject itself or its surroundings are less than pleasing.

I won’t — can’t, in fact — spill the beans in this post. Not only is it a large and complex topic but it’s the entire basis of my business model. Teaching how to bring home the results, no matter what the circumstances.

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