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Always more to learn

June 27, 2009

Some people think that, because I teach photography, I’m beyond the point of learning. Or that some things are “too basic” for me to learn. That’s absurd. It is impossible to ever know everything. Also, I speak from experience when I say that skills deteriorate when left unused. I gave up shooting for a few years when I stomped out the flame of my love for it by trying to make money from it in ways that didn’t suit me. That was a dark period.

When I took it up again, I had to relearn many things. Not so much because the technology had changed — though that happened too — but because I’d simply forgotten so much of what I once knew.

I now shoot on a regular basis. I love it. I also learn from others. Not just from photographers who I view as being “better” than me (although I do know a lot of those!) but from anyone who has a style or a skill different from my own. Sometimes even from those who have a similar style but approach it or present it in a different way.

When you love something, teaching it, learning it and doing it all kind of mesh together. The lines become blurred.

And that’s a good thing.

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