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Flexibility and checking items off the wish list

June 15, 2009

Even to me, it seems like I go to Bombay Hook a lot. I guess that’s because lately I do. More than that, I’ve somehow managed, on every single trip, to come away with the pictures I’d hoped for or something very close to them. That amazes me. I’m beginning to think I may be psychic. Call 1-800-PALM-NOW for your very own reading. (Just kidding.)

Seriously though, on my very first trip there this year I was hoping for a fox. I’d seen one last winter but wanted to get better pictures. I didn’t even know if foxes were in season and yet I came away with magnificent photos. (see May 10th post)

My second week I hoped for a lot of people to come out (got that) and to get some birds in flight (got that too.)

My third week I wanted a bunny (got several) and the sunrise (got some great ones.)

This past week I wanted more of the sunrise (got a beautiful one), to do some TtV shots (got several) and a dragonfly. Okay, this time I saw some dragonflies but the only actual pictures I got were of a damselfly.

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