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Bombay Hook Wildlife Calendar

June 3, 2009

Wildlife, all of Nature for that matter, doesn’t necessarily follow a schedule like a bus route. However it does tend to follow established rhythms. The US Fish and Wildlife Service publishes “calendars” of what sort of things you can expect to see during any given month at their wildlife refuges. Accoring to their calendar for Bombay Hook, here is what June holds in store:

  • Diamond back terrapins lay their eggs. (I saw some of that last weekend, though it was a turtle nest that had been dug up by a fox and all the eggs eaten.)
  • Baby eagles leave the nest. (I would love to get some shots of them!)
  • Water lilies bloom. (Perhaps not as sexy as a fox or an eagle, but still pretty. Especially if dragonflies are about.)
  • Black-necked stilts begin nesting.

It doesn’t say anything about herons and foxes being out in force but I can tell you that they are.

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