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Bombay Hook Redux

May 28, 2009

Once again, the weather forecasts are all calling for rain and thunderstorms. So far in 2009, we have yet to go two weeks without significant rain. I’m not complaining. On the whole, that’s a good thing. Specifically, the forecast is calling for rain today and thunderstorms tomorrow. Saturday is supposed to be clear before rain moves back in Sunday.

If it works out that way, my trip to Bombay Hook should be pretty good. Most people will be frightened off by the rain. (All the rest will be dissuaded by the hour — I plan on being there by 5:30am.) The ground will probably be wet and muddy. The mosquitoes will most likely be heavy. That just means I’ll do better to stay near the edges of the larger marshes, where the wind is stronger and the mosquitoes much less thick.

Based on my last trip, my 13 year old wants to come out with me in hopes that she’ll see the fox kit(s). Or even an adult fox. My primary goal is to get some beautiful sunrise shots. Animal silhouettes set against the sunrise would be nice too.

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