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Bad Pictures

May 20, 2009

I look at a lot of pictures. We all do, but I make it a habit to notice and even judge them. I’m constantly amazed at how many really bad pictures I see. Two of the worst places are online dating sites and online advertisements. One would think that if you were trying to sell something, whether that be yourself or a product, that you’d want to show it using the best picture possible. Apparently my thinking is backwards in that regard.

Some people may use the excuse that they don’t own a “good” camera. You know what, even relatively inexpensive cameras can take good pictures. I’ve seen amazing pictures taken with cell phone cameras. (Here’s a hint: clean the lint and fingerprints off the lens before you use it!) I’ve seen poorly composed images taken with very expensive cameras.

Perhaps I’m just a purist because photography is something I love.

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