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Plans Taking Shape

April 30, 2009

I’ve been rattling a lot of thoughts and ideas around in my head lately. I also read a lot of books and newsletters. From this, a few things have occured to me.

  1. There’s no reason for me to limit myself to posting only once a day. Just because that’s how most others do it, this is my forum and I sometimes have things to say more than once a day. (I may also sometimes go several days with nothing of interest to share.)
  2. I want to open this forum up for others to comment. I’d like to see it grow into some type of interactive online community.
  3. I am going to work toward linking this blog to my web site(s). That’s always been part of my plan but I was waiting for something nearer to ‘perfection’ before I made that leap. Now I’ve decided that it wouldn’t be so tragic for people to see my fumblings as I figure out how to make the best use of this new forum.
  4. I will probably start including (or at least excerpting) blog posts from myself and others into my weekly newsletters. Eventually, this blog may become my weekly newsletter. I’m just not sure.

At risk of mixing topics, I also want to publicly make note of my plans to go shooting at Bombay Hook next weekend. The weather’s finally starting to get warmer and hopefully the wildlife will be both more plentiful and more active now. I’ve issued an open invitation for other photographers in the area to join me. Even if no one does, I still plan on going. My going out to take pictures is not dependent on others’ willingness to get up early on a Saturday and do the same.

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